Sex Addiction: The Misconceptions.

While sex addiction wasn’t a recognised psychological condition up until recently it’s definition can be hard to completely convey. Simply speaking it’s where someone’s relationship towards sex can turn into a compulsive obsession. Because of it’s broad meaning there are lots of misconceptions people can have towards the disorder and those who suffer from it.

        Sex addicts aren’t just limited to males.

The first misconception is only males can be sex addicts this is simply not true. Any gender or non-binary individuals can become addicted to sex, naturally there will be exceptions but overall sex addiction can affect anyone.

They must really be infatuated with sex.

That’s also not true. Sex addiction is usually a coping mechanism used to manage the negative emotions they are feeling rather than the actual act of sex itself.

You can be a sex addict even though you’re not having a lot of sex.

This is completely true… you can be addicted to other notions of sex, such as pornography, cybersex and the act of masturbation. While it doesn’t involve the act of sexual intercourse, viewing or partaking in these notions can cause an addiction which leads me to my next point.

Watching porn or having sex every day doesn’t mean you’re a sex addict either.

Having sex or even watching porn everyday doesn’t mean you have a problem. There are many, many people in the world who will enjoy any of these everyday. It only becomes a problem when your using sex to block out the negative emotions you are feeling, causing problems in your relationships or you simply feel you cannot stop.

Having a high sex drive must mean you are a sex addict.

No! Some people just have a high sex drive, if this becomes a problem within your relationship it’s simply a problem in how often you both like to enjoy sex. Remember it’s a problem, it can be talked about and worked on, it is not an addiction.

Sex addiction is the result of a traumatic childhood.

Nope! Now although some people who have sadly gone through sexual abuse or trauma in childhood will go on to have a sex addiction it is definitely not always the case. Many people who have had one of the best childhood’s can go on to have a addiction, mainly due to having more opportunity to do so, e.g. more of an opportunity to access pornographic articles.

Sex addiction just affects adults.

This is also very very wrong, with the modernisation of technology and an easier ability to use and access adult sites online, sex addiction can develop in anyone who becomes exposed to it.

Sex addiction is treatable but you can’t have sex ever again!

Well that’s just one whole load of nonsense. Sex addiction can be treated through various different psychological methods. Just because it’s an addiction it doesn’t mean it’s the end of your sexual life.

Because it is mostly centred around negative emotions and using sex as a way of dealing with those emotions, treatments usually concentrate on developing a healthy attitude towards sex so that you can go on to lead a healthy sexual relationship.

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