Financial Tensions: Is It Ruining Your Relationship?

They say love conquers all however if you add money into the mix the chances are it can cause problems!

Money is just a physical thing we can touch, smell and see, we can hold emotional attachment to it, after all we spend a lot of time and effort to earn it. So when you have two people with emotional attachments to money, it can cause some friction between you and your partner.

The best thing to know is you may have a totally different outlook on money than your significant other. For example, one may be a saver of money whereas the other maybe a spender. While saving money could signify security and safety especially if those rainy days hit, the spender could associate money with freedom and spontaneity.

Although these views are completely different relationships are more likely to consist of the dynamic. However the mechanics of being opposite work well unless money becomes more limited, the saver will want to save more as a way of a safety net and the spender will find themselves with less freedom. Communication is the absolute key in order to move past the problem.


This will completely depend on the couples themselves and what personalities they may have. Setting ground rules and meeting each other in the middle may be one of the easiest options. For example if the saver typically saves £500 a month with the spender giving half of this and using what they have left to spend, changing the dynamics slightly may prove better for both parties. Instead of providing half providing 2/3rd’s instead will still give the saver some security but the spender will then have a small amount of funds to spend.

Remember a relationship is supposed to be equal and filled with compromises, money will surely come and go but it realistically has no value, whereas value in a relationship is built upon and definitely one of the main elements.

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