The “Open” Ones

You've probably heard of open or non-monogamous relationships before but what exactly are they and why are more people entering into them in today's society?

Open relationships are formed by two people who openly and respectfully agree to be together but not sexually exclusive. Some may say it’s “having your cake and eating it” but why are people choosing to form these kind of relationships?

The simple answer is it comes down to you and your partner’s preferences. Some people will automatically assume couple’s in open relationships are not satisfied or their partner is lacking in an area. The truth is although it is a happy relationship with all needs being met, each person will have a desire to be more sexually adventurous with someone different. Some may say it’s natural instinct other’s will whole heartedly disagree.

So if you’re getting everything you need at home why the need for someone else?

It comes down to freedom. Freedom to be self expressive with someone who you have no romantic connection to. Serial cheaters will often have this desire, they love their wives, husbands, girlfriends and boyfriends but the idea of being only sexually involved for that one sole person for the rest of their lives is unnatural within their psyche.

So why are more people entering into them today?

Purely for the fact we have moved on from the 1950’s view, that relationships should be confined to one man and one woman for the rest of their lives. We as a society are more acceptable to different genders, different types of sexuality and we accept that although we can love and commit ourselves to one person, we often can feel trapped and need that knowledge that we can be free to display how we feel sexually with someone else.

Open relationships are entered into with both parties permission, its an equal need for freedom, however this should not be confused with being emotionally bullied into an open relationship. These types of relationships will only work if both parties are happy together, set terms they’re both comfortable with and are in complete equal agreement.

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