Rookie Mistakes

So, you’ve made a profile on a dating site/app and you’re not doing as good as you expected.

Worry no more! Carry on reading to see if you’re committing some rookie mistakes.

With the vast amount of dating websites and apps available are you getting the most out of the site you’re currently using? Lack of interest or communication should indicate that that site probably isn’t working out for you. With the majority of good sites being free to use, there’s absolutely no harm in trying out another.

One major error is not displaying your intentions within a relationship. Are you looking for something serious? Casual? Be up front, people respect honesty after all it is the best policy and is a sure fire step in the right direction in regards to trust.

Something else you may be doing wrong is overlooking, spending hours upon hours looking through profiles, swiping left and right, sending countless “Hey I’ve just come across your profile” messages. Slow down and take your time, instead of spending those hours messaging back and forth take the plunge and instead go on three face to face dates. Your outlook will change from actively searching to focus on actually meeting people, which is the whole point of dating.

The last but not least rookie error is relying on what a computer formula says in relation to who you’re compatible with. These algorithm’s will only now and again work, most of the time you’re only likely to find your soul mate by putting in the time and effort in meeting people and seeing whether something clicks between you both.

Cut out these bad habits and within time you’re sure to be on the right track to meeting someone special.

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