Are they just busy, or are they just not into you?

So you’ve done the hard part, built up the courage and gone through with that usually awkward first date. You’ve laughed, probably innocently flirted with each other and now you’re wondering when you’re going to see each other again.

Now, as everyone knows the world is constantly spinning, people are as busy as ever trying to work, see friends and family and find love… its a lot to fit in each and every week! So as you can imagine sometimes scheduling that suits you both can often be tricky.

However, while people can become consumed and wrapped up with everyday life there are signs that maybe they’re just not in to you.

Typically in relationships even those that are just starting out if you have a mutual interest you should both be trying to prioritise seeing each other. While someone who isn’t interested will only interact to say they’re busy, someone who is looking forward to seeing you will try to shift things around to make time to see you.

If something does come up typically those that are really fascinated and eager to see you will have a genuine reason, such as unexpected work shifts, or prior engagements. Someone who isn’t really into you will just give the excuse that they are busy without trying to explain why or arrange a different more convenient time to see each other.

Another good indicator that that prospective date is just busy is they will be truly apologetic and will try to seek to make it up some how. The person will seem very warm in relation to dating you,whereas someone who’s just not that in to you will be cold and stern offering no kind of explanation or resolution to try and rearrange that date.

In a time where more people than ever are forever consumed in their family and friends, work and trying to find love schedule don’t spend time chasing someone who doesn’t want to be caught by you, life’s too short to be playing games.

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