Dating for millennials

Why online dating has become the norm.

Online dating has become the millenials choice, swaying away from the 1920’s idea of courtship. So what has changed and what trends remain the same?

In the early 20th century “dating” or “calling” how it was called, evolved around the woman’s parents. The protocol was simple, a man would call upon a suitable woman’s house and if they were found to be suitable for their daughter, he would be allowed to visit within the hours the parent’s would see fit.

Fast forward twenty years and this system had changed to favour courtship, giving couples the freedom outside the sanctity of the families home. Couples would embark on dates, a tradition which still, in some part remains today. However, the dynamics of dating shifted with the male having more of an input rather than being completely on the woman’s terms.

At the current time homosexuality was illegal, the only plausible way to connect with someone was through personal ad’s, or within the sanctuary of a molly house. Many high profile professionals would enter into lavender marriages to cover up their sexuality, this was mainly the trend until 1967 when homosexuality was made legal.

As the decades went on dating became less structured and more personal to the couple. It didn’t become so focused on whether society saw you as a match, but whether you could both fall in love with each other. Between the 1950’s until the 1990’s the roles had changed once more, the youth culture had taken over. Meeting the opposite sex face to face through family, friends or social activities. With the introduction of birth control, sex before marriage became less frowned upon and the movement of free love began.

Fast forward to today, many aspects have become normalised rather than stigmatised, allowing us more freedom than ever. With the introduction of technology once again the dynamics of dating changed. The internet opened up the avenue of engaging hetrosexual and homosexual people with dating websites, taking the “hard-work”out of finding connections. It has given people the freedom to explore other people’s personalities without commitment, as well as allowing that free love movement society has come to accept and enjoy.

With both male and females becoming more career driven, the online dating trend is set to continue. However as with anything “convenient” there are always draw backs which is why online dating should be fun but enjoyed cautiously.

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